the blueprint for beautiful e-commerce sites, product photography & proven business strategies

I'm Elena, a big dreamer, usually barefoot in a summer dress living life on the island of Maui.

For me, my business and life are bound together. I love working for myself and after having built a million dollar business I love paying it forward by helping other passionate business owners with their own dreams. Understanding, not just parts of running a successful business but seeing the entire picture, I use the right side of my brain to artistically design beautiful minimalist stores that sell. The left side to strategically create business plans that work. And my passion for photography to truly showcase the beauty of the products.

If you're looking for someone who can bring your online store vision to life, photograph your products, unlock the key to marketing and help you create a business blueprint to get you where you want I'd love to chat more!

Working with me will get you there, and you'll see below that my pricing is 100% risk-free. If I see potential in a person, idea or product, I'm willing to prove it to those who work with me making this decision completely risk-free.



As far as pricing goes, my only goal was to create a risk free way for business to work with me that would leave them feeling secure in their decision. With that said, pricing for my business consulting is easy. After our initial meeting (which is completely free) I'll run a business analysis and figure out if we would be a good fit. If I feel like I'm able to help your business grow we can start the process together. We will calculate how much your business has earned within the last 6 months and only if I am able to increase your income will I be able to collect a 10% commission on profits. 

This means that you will only ever have to pay me, if I'm able to help you make more money than before, making this decision 100% risk free to your business. I'm confident in my knowledge in business, and seeing potential and will happily pour my heart and time in helping your business grow. Your business will get a complete website re-design and set up, I'll take a personal in-depth look at your business, goals and ideas. My plan is to learn as much as possible about your business so I can help you take the necessary steps in order to get there. And lastly, an incredible marketing strategy that will help you scale your business. 

A lot of business out there have big promises without risking too much themselves. At the end of the day most companies will get paid regardless of the results they were able to create. With this commission based plan you'll know I'm there to work as if it were my own business and teach you the necessary tools to continue setting bigger goals. I want to leave my clients feeling like they finally have the knowledge and strategy to reach any business goal they set their mind to. 


If a client is looking for simple design work for their current or new store and don't need the additional marketing and advertising strategies they also have the choice of choosing a design package that suits their business needs. Together we will bring your vision to life.